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Reed-Solomon Codec Generator

This is a tool for auto-generation of Reed-Solomon encoder/decoder, which is widely used in the error correction of various storage and communication systems. Using this tool, RTL for our IP (Si2520) can be generated.
With Si2520-T, one can flexibly generate various RTLs by different Reed-Solomon parameters, switch on/off erasure correction, external RAM and limitation of number of correctable symbols. This will strongly facilitate such works as optimization of Reed-Solomon parameters for customers.


  • - RTL generation corresponding to our IP (Si2520)
  • - High-speed encoding/decoding
  • - Support shortened codes
  • - Number of bits per symbol (m) : 3 to 12 bits
  • - Number of symbols in a codeword (n) : 3 to 2m-1 symbols
  • - Number of information symbols (k) : 1 to 2m-3 symbols
  • - Number of correctable symbols (t) : 1 to 2m-1-1 symbols
  • - Primitive polynomial configurable
  • - Generator polynomial configurable
    Reed-Solomon Codec Generator formula
  • - Support erasure correction
  • - No external RAM option
  • - Available limitation of number of correctable symbols
  • - Support continuous encoding / decoding due to pipeline
    (except the case of n<4t+2)
  • - Fully synchronous design using a single clock
  • - ASIC friendly design
  • - Generate test bench and test pattern
  • - Output format : Verilog-RTL source code

Operating System Supported

  • ・ Windows XP / Vista / 7
Reed-Solomon Codec Generator Supported


  • - Encoder
    IXRSTAsynchronous reset
    IDATA[m-1:0]Information symbol
    IDENInformation symbol enable
    ORDYReady to input information symbol
    ODATA[m-1:0]Code symbol
    ODENCode symbol enable
  • - Decoder
    IXRSTAsynchronous reset
    IDATA[m-1:0]Code symbol
    IDENCode symbol enable
    IERSErasure position (*1)
    ILMT[h-1:0]Correctable symbol limitation (*3)
    IRAMRD[m-1:0]External RAM read data (*2)
    • *1 : Only when erasure correction is used
    • *2 : Only when external RAM is used
    • *3 : Only when correctable symbol limitation is used
    ORDYReady to input code symbol
    ODATA[m-1:0]Decoded symbol
    ODENDecoded symbol enable
    OFAILDecoding fail flag
    OERRNUM[h-1:0]Number of corrected symbols
    OENDDecoding end flag
    ORAMWA[a-1:0]External RAM write address (*2)
    ORAMWEExternal RAM write enable (*2)
    ORAMWD[m-1:0]External RAM write data (*2)
    ORAMRA[a-1:0]External RAM read address (*2)
    ORAMREExternal RAM read enable (*2)


  • - Communications (support various standards with RS code)
  • - Hard disk drive(HDD), Optical disc drive(ODD), Solid state drive(SSD)

For more information/customization on Reed-Solomon codec generator, please contact us.

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