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SSD Controller IC


Siglead Inc. is engaged in the R&D of ECC (Error Correcting Code) for SSD (Solid State Drive) and the development of SSD controller LSI. Our controller is designed to support a wide range of NAND flash generations, thereby addressing the short product-cycle associated with improvements to NAND flash memory’s process node. With our SSD controller, it is possible to work towards long-term application. We prepare various line-ups for consumer and industrial application.

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FPGA Board
with High-speed AD/DA


An FPGA board designed for evaluation of high-speed signal processing, such as wireless communication, image processing, etc. By default, it is equipped with Altera FPGA(StratixIV, StratixIII), high-speed ADC/DAC, DVI I/O, Gigabit Ethernet controller.

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Siglead Inc. is a SSD controller provider and a leading company in the R&D of ECC for SSD/NAND flash memory. Based on its strong R&D experience, NAND flash memory testing knowhow and error analysis technology, Siglead is providing its “SigNAS series” NAND flash memory testers to customers. Developed from the viewpoint of NAND flash users, with plenty of additional technical support, these products will definitely meet customers’ demands on various NAND flash testing and evaluations.
Tests such as acceptance inspection, NAND flash sorting, reliability evaluation, cycling tests, error causation investigation (data retention, program disturb, read disturb) analysis, access time tests, etc. can be done very quickly.

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Signal Processing IP List

Flash Memory

This NAND flash memory controller supports SLC/MLC/TLC. Two different types are available: host CPU type and AMBA (AXI/AHB/APB) type. The number of NAND interface channels can be customized according to customer's request; hence it's possible to support wide range of read/write speeds.

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