Siglead Inc. is a SSD controller provider and leading company in R&D of ECC for SSD/NAND flash memory. Based on its strong R&D experience, NAND flash memory testing knowhow, as well as error analysis technology, Siglead is providing “SigNAS series” NAND flash memory testers to customers. Developed from the viewpoint of NAND flash users, additional with plenty of technical supports, these products can definitely meet customer’s demands on various NAND flash testing and evaluations.

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NAND Flash Memory Tester SigNAS3

SigNASIII aims to test up to 128 NAND flash packages simultaneously. It is suitable for massive quantity NAND flash acceptance inspection; cyclic tests, NAND flash sorting, reliability evaluation, ECC verification, and error investigation. Besides being used for R&D, SigNASIII’s user-friendly GUI design ensures easy operation, getting testing results (such as Pass/Fail) quickly without the necessity to know detailed information about the NAND flash - this helps to shorten testing time in mass production lines.

NAND Flash Memory Tester SigNASII

SigNASII provides powerful error analysis capability. It is suitable for the detailed analysis of small quantities of NAND flash, in situations such as failure investigation for NAND flash returned back from the market, the selection of NAND flash for certain products, etc. Focusing is on small quantity analysis, SigNASII can be used in R&D at the early stages of product development, as it provides more detailed analysis for failure investigation than after mass production.