Siglead Inc. is a leading company in R&D of ECC for SSD/NAND flash memory. Based on the R&D experience and the corresponding NAND flash memory testing technology as well as error analysis technology, Siglead is providing NAND flash memory tester (SigNAS-II).


With it, NAND flash memory reliability testing, error analysis, cycle testing, error cause analysis(data retention/program disturb/read disturb) and access time measurement etc. can be easily done.

The newest NAND interfaces like Toggle DDR and ONFI Synchronous are supported. All type of NAND (SLC/MLC/TLC) is supported, and correct operation of latest NAND have been verified (Toshiba 19nm, Micron/Intel 20nm, Samsung 21nm).


Easy-to-use NAND analyzer system, provides effective solutions for operation verification of NAND memory given by various vendors, access time measurement, error analysis, detailed error cause analysis and measurement of ECC performance, etc.

The system consists of a mother board with FPGA (Altera Cyclone III); a daughter board with TSOP socket for NAND; and Windows-based analysis software.


1. Mother board (Sp3991)

  •  Altera Cyclone III has been deployed
  • NAND controller in configuration ROM
  • USB 2.0 for PC connection
  • Connection with 2 daughter boards, 4 NAND can be measurable in the same time
  • Customization is possible for more NAND measurement in the same time

2. Daughter board

  • TSOP48pin socket is deployed for NAND memory
  • For 1 daughter board, it is possible to deploy 2 NAND
  • Other type socket (BGA etc.) is available by option

3. Testing software

【An easy-to-use GUI enables: (part of features)】

  • NAND interface timing setting
  • NAND device ID information and status check
  • Bad block scan, management
  • Access time measurement
  • P/E cycle dependence of access time
  • To send command (Erase, Program, Read)
  • Program pattern setting (Increment, Pseudo Random, Page Stripe, etc.)
  • Dump of read data and save to file
  • P/E cycle (cycle number and program pattern programmable)
  • Script execution (Siglead Script Language; SSL)
  • Error rate measurement (Bit Error Rate, Page Errr Rate after ECC)
  • ECC power setting (code length and correctable bit number)
  • Data retention measurement (time vs bit error)
  • Program disturb measurement (P/E cycle vs bit error)
  • Error distribution (page/column dependence)

Operatable NAND devices

  • ONFI 4.1-based devices (SLC / MLC / TLC / 3D)
  • NAND Interface : Asynchronous / Synchronous / Toggle DDR
  • Package : TSOP 48pin, BGA 63pin/100pin/132pin/152pin
  • Correct operation of latest NAND have been verified. (Toshiba 15nm, Micron/Intel 16nm, Samsung 14nm)
  • In case that device doesn't work, please contact us, system adjustment can be tried to make it work


  • 1 year technical support (telephone and email)
  • 1 year free version-up/bug-fix of analysis software
  • For the support after 1 year since purchase, an extra support contract is needed


Deliverables of SigNAS-II consists of the following parts. Immediate analysis can be done at the date of delivery.

<Main board SET (Sp3980)>
  • Mother board (Sp3991)
  • Daughter board with 2 TSOP socket
  • Analysis software
  • NAND controller circuit and firmware (implemented in configuration ROM)
  • Operation manual

For more information/customization on NAND flash memory tester, please contact us.

The content might change without a previous notice due to the improvement.