Corporate Profile

EstablishmentFebruary 5, 2007
PresidentAtsushi Esumi (President & CEO)
Headquarters1-38-10-203 Nakagawachuo Tsuzuki-ku
Yokohama-city Kanagawa 224-0003, Japan
TEL/FAX+81 (0)45-509-1885
Paid-in Capital183.76million Japanese Yen
Atsushi Esumi
Ichiro Myochin
Kazuo Migita
Yuichiro Saito
R&D of signal processing algorithms
Design and sale of signal processing LSI
Development and sale of IP(Intellectual Property)

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1-38-10-203 Nakagawachuo Tsuzuki-ku
Yokohama-city Kanagawa 224-0003 Japan

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Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line/Green Line "Center-Kita" Station

Corporate Identity

Siglead is an innovative R&D-oriented company with world-class signal processing LSI technology at the core of its business.
Siglead is an innovative R&D-oriented company that aims to achieve sustainable growth based on its technological capabilities.

Management policy

  • Siglead's ultimate goal is to share excitement and inspiration by providing products that maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Siglead practices management that respects the individual and at the same time fulfills its corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Siglead is committed to the development of world-class products. We will form a group of independent engineers, each of whom possesses a high level of technical skills.
  • Siglead will form a group of independent engineers with high-level technical capabilities. Siglead will establish a cyclical in-house development system as follows.


Management Team

Atsushi Esumi

President & CEO

Graduate school of Kobe University, Toshiba, ROHM Co., Ltd.
Long term experience on R&D of HDD signal processing and development
of HDD R/W channel LSI. He also plays the role of CTO.

Ichiro Myochin

Executive, Marketing & Management

NEC IC Micon Systems, Mikasa Trading Co., Ltd. Holding the experience of
ASIC development and sale. In 2004, joined in System Solution Inc. as a
executive, successfully achieved the establishment of the company.

Kazuo Migita


His extensive experience at several major electronics companies has given him a global perspective on sales and marketing, and he is primarily responsible for sales strategy. Currently, he works for Foxconn Japan Inc.

Yuichiro Saito


After working for Toyotsu Syscom, SanDisk, and other companies, established Solabo Corporation. He is the current representative director of Solabo. He has a wide range of strengths in semiconductor manufacturing, marketing, and business management.