Siglead's original FPGA evaluation board designed for high-speed signal processing, wireless communication and image processing.



A FPGA board designed for evaluation of high-speed signal processing, such as wireless communication, etc. Bydefault, it is equipped with Altera FPGA(StratixIV), high-speed ADC/DAC, USB controller, SODIMM connector.


  • Wireless communication
  • Others, application for handling high speed signal


  •  ADC/DAC
    SMA connector (differential)
    AD converter 12bit 1Gsps 8channel
    DA converter 14bit 2.4Gsps 4channel
  • Clock
    25.000MHz oscillator
    150.000MHz oscillator
    SMA input
    On-board PLL
  • Configuration
    Serial configuration device
    JTAG download port
  • Memory
    DDR3SDRAM 204pin SODIMM (Max 4GByte)
  • Interface
    USB2.0 B-connector( x1)
    SMA connector for Transceiver
    TX/RX 16pair
    MICTORconnectorfor logicanalyzer
    (32pins for user)
  • Universal user interface
    DIP switch (x16)
    Push button (x1)
    LED (x8)
  • 12V Switching power supply
  • Size 210mm X 297mm

Block Diagram


Possible to meet various demands such as changing conversion rate, resolution and channel number of ADC/DAC etc.

【Customization example 】
  • 3Gsps 8bit ADC
  • 200Msps 14bit ADC 4channel
  • 200Msps 16bit DAC 4channel

For more information/customization on FPGA board with high-speed ADC, please contact us.

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