Article submitted to Synopsys's Success Story

Mitsuyoshi Ito, Siglead's System Solution director, has submitted an article to Synopsys publication ''Success Story''. The article, titled ''Siglead Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for SSD Controller IC with Synopsys DesignWare IP'', summarized Siglead's developing experience of SSD controller IC.

Siglead has chosen Synopsys Inc. as its IP partner, and adopted Synopsys's IP in the SSD controller IC development. As the project manager of SSD controller IC, Ito has described the background of development, IP selection and the remark of Synopsys's IP.

As one of Siglead's developing concept, we will keep on actively using IP/out-sourcing to ensure an effective development and to shorten developing cycle.

Siglead Inc.
President&CEO Atsushi Esumi