Siglead ECC technologies presented at NVMW2013 (San Diego, CA. USA)

Oliver Hambrey, research engineer for Siglead Europe Ltd. (located in UK, 100% subsidiary of Siglead Inc.), has given a presentation on Siglead's ECC technologies at the NVMW2013 in San Diego, CA. USA. The presentation, titled "Exploiting Variation within MLC NAND to Improve Post ECC Reliability", demonstrated how aspects of Siglead's cutting-edge ECC technology are used to give a superior error correction performance over conventional ECC, thereby extending the endurance and reliability of NAND/SSD.

The Non-Volatile Memories Workshop (NVMW) is an annual convention hosted by research groups at UCSD, San Diego, CA. USA. The workshop brings together scientists and engineers from industry and academia who are working on advanced non-volatile storage devices and systems.

Siglead Inc.
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