Difference between SigNASⅡ and SigNAS3

This time, introduce the differences between SigNASⅡ and SigNAS3.

Each of these is also introduced on our homepage below, so please refer to them.

As mentioned above, SigNAS3 has superiority over SigNASⅡ in terms of functionality and performance, 

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Exterior photos of the basic configuration of both are shown below.



Both consist of a main board for control and a board (subboard for SigNAS3, daughter board for SIgNASII) equipped.

As the dimensions shown in the photo show, SigNASⅡ is more compact than SigNAS3.

However, with SigNAS3, the main and sub boards are connected with a standard 1m I/F cable.

SigNASⅡ: 2 (4 for TSOP only), when two daughter boards are connected

SigNAS3: 128 pieces, when configured with 8 sub boards x 16 sockets


SigNAS3:USB2.0 or USB3.0

Both allow main settings and operations based on the GUI, but the later model SigNAS3 has more functions.

SigNAS II is semi-fixed and requires hardware changes.

With SigNAS3, settings and changes can be made using the GUI or script.

For commands used in scripts that write your own measurement sequences.

In SigNAS II, the basic command is one character, but in SigNAS3, it is six characters, so it seems easier to understand the relationship between the functions.


Block EraseeBKERAS
Page ProgrampPGPROG
Page read & dumpgPGRDDM
Page read & comparecPGRDCP

Here is no difference in basic functionality between the two.

However, SigNAS II has limited hardware resources compared to his SigNAS 3, so it takes time to support new NAND models and new functions, and it is difficult to support them (Vth distribution: https://siglead.com/vth -distribution-measurement/ etc.).

There are no major differences when comparing the basic configurations.

SigNAS II does not have a cooling fan installed in the main unit (as it is unnecessary) and is quiet.

As mentioned above, SigNAS3 has superiority over SigNASⅡ in terms of functionality and performance,