Tips of Script programming

Script can be used even by programming beginners by writing simple commands and parameter combinations.

Its commands are all six-character strings, allowing for intuitive associations with functions. (See Operational Guide "Example of script file")

In addition, scripts created by yourself can be checked by the "Script Check Mode" function before execution.

This section provides more detailed explanations of command functions that users have inquired about and that may be a little difficult to understand and easily misunderstood from the description in the operation guide alone.


REPEAT Number of lines repeated (Hex 7 digits) Number of times repeated (Hex 7 digits)

Repeat Lines executes the range of Scripts specified in Repeat Lines for the number of times specified in Repeat Count.

1. Comment lines are also included in the number of repeated lines.

Verification Scripts
  1. VSET04 01 1234
  2. REPEAT 0000003 0000003
  3. 'Dummy-1
  4. PRTSTR 01 A $V04_01$
  5. PRTSTR 01 B
  6. PRTSTR 01 C
Execution result (contents of Result file)
  • a 1234 (Line3)
  • b (Line3)
  • a 1234 (Line3)
  • b (Line3)
  • a 1234 (Line3)
  • b (Line3)
  • c (Line7)

2. Cannot be nested more than twice

There is no problem using REPEAT on the 3rd and 10th lines in the REPEAT on the first line of the script below,

But It is not allowed to use REPEAT again between the 4th to 7th line.

1REPEAT 000000C 000000A
3REPEAT 0000004 0000032
6BKPROG 0 03DA INCRMT 55555555 00000000
9VSET04 00 0000
10REPEAT 0000002 0000040
11PGPROG 0 03DA $V04_00$ INCRMT 00000000 00000000
12VADD04 00 0001


FNSCRT file name

Switch Script File.

Script File has an absolute path or an executable file of analysis software (SigNAS3.exe)

Specify with a relative path from the folder.

This command cannot be included in a script that repeats processing with REPEAT.

The value of the variable is inherited as is.

Validation Script


  1. VSET04 0 0000
  2. PRTSTR 01 TEST-1
  3. REPEAT 0000002 0000002
  4. PRTSTR 01 $V04_0$
  5. VADD04 0 0001
  6. FNSCRT TEST-2.ssl


  1. PRTSTR 01 TEST-2
  2. REPEAT 0000002 0000002
  3. PRTSTR 01 $V04_0$
  4. VADD04 0 0001

    Execution Result (Contents of Result file)

    • test-1 (Line2)
    • 0000 (Line3)
    • 0001 (Line3)
    • test-2 (Line7)
    • 0002 (Line8)
    • 0003 (Line8)

Increment Pattern

After running the program, you may find something unnatural about the results of the dump of read data (see below).

  1. BKERAS 0 0000
  2. PGPROG 0 000 000 INCRMT 03020100 04040404
  3. PGREAD 0 0000 000
  4. PGDUMP 0 0800

Because increments of 4Byte units are displayed for every 1Byte,

Adding 04 04 04 04 toFF FE FD FC, resulting in 04 03 02 00 due to byte carry forward..


You can easily program arbitrary patterns created in advance by the user as shown in the figure below.


PGPROG 0 0001 0010 BUFFER 0000

How to create a large amount of PatternData

It can also be created using the Pattern Setting function of SigNAS3.

After selecting the pattern and file format, click Write to File to start recording.

In the example below, it is BlockProgram, so it is recorded up to the size (number of pages) set by NANDSetting separately and completed.

※Please set SEED of Pseudo Random Pattern to other than 0.

If 0 is set, it will not be Random Pattern and will be all 0.

Pattern data saved in a file can be used as in the following script.

SETBUF pattern.dat

BKPROG $V01_00$ $V04_00$ BUFATA

About processing time

Data comparisons using buffers require more processing time than All0, increment, random, etc.


The time saved in the Result File is the elapsed time since the start of the script execution, displayed in decimal, in milliseconds.


1. Progress monitor during script execution

Logs (RST file, etc.) can be opened and checked during measurement.

Also, even if you abort during execution, the execution results up to that point are recorded.

2. Stopped during script execution?

To prevent the Script from stopping the measurement due to a problem with the NAND Flash Memory chip to be measured (e.g., a specific block cannot be erased), uncheck the "Terminate with NAND Fail" checkbox and disable the function.

3. Feasible functional freedom

Scripts and GUIs are basically based on APIs.

The degree of freedom of achievable functions is API > Script > GUI.

For example, with APIs, there is virtually no limit to the number of nesting REPEATs.